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About Us

Empowering people to
live their best life


Welcome to Legacy Road

Hi, it’s Ashley and Karen here, we’re the co-founders of Legacy Road.

Legacy Road is a movement that empowers people to live within their means, be in control of their money, live generous lives, invest to build a prosperous future, build strong healthy relationships and leave a generational legacy.

Whether you are a teenager at the start of your financial journey, an adult who needs to get your finances in order, a start-up business or business in the growth phase, Legacy Road will give you practical wisdom and proven strategies to help you thrive, increase and grow.

The reality is, there is no magic pill or mystical money tree that is going to solve all your financial problems and give you overnight happiness. Walking the legacy road involves choices and principles that may seem difficult at times, but it will set you and your loved ones on a journey of life that is both prosperous, fulfilling and fun.

Our prayer is that you would prosper in every way.

Ash & Karen


Our Objective

Our objective is underpinned by the beliefs that: 1. Prosperity does not look the same for everyone. It is important that people define what a prosperous future looks like for them and their family. For us, it means to be financially free, to have sufficient finances to pursue our passions, to be generous, to live free from financial stress, to have reserves, to have more than enough and to have honest and deep relationships that are growth-oriented and others-centred, marked by authenticity and fun.

2. Everyone can be prosperous. Prosperity is not so much about the amount we have but how we view it, use it and steward it.

3. It's as much about the journey as it is the destination. We enjoy the journey of life when we pursue things that have meaning to us, and use and develop our talents, all while doing it with people we value and have strong, authentic relationships with.

Education | Lifetime Wealth Course

Financial Freedom. What does that look like and realistically, is it even possible? The answer is YES! Lifetime Wealth will revolutionise the way you think about and handle money. You will discover incredible biblical keys on increase and living debt free. You will learn how to control your finances, protect them and watch them grow. You will see how straightforward it is to break free of financial stress and to live more abundantly than you could have imagined, such that you will be able to leave a legacy for the generations to come.

Motivational | Speaking & Mentoring

We have a passion to see people living their best lives. We want to inspire you to have a revelation of generosity with your finances, your time and relationships,to motivate you to enjoy your journey through this life while building a legacy to bless those who follow behind you. We all need a pep talk sometimes, a word of encouragement or a safe place to ask a question that has been niggling at us. Each of us are on a journey, some of us are at the beginning and some us are further along, but we can all glean something from one another. Join our community on Facebook and Instagram and sign up to our Newsletter to regularly engage as we walk the Legacy Road together. We also are available for mentoring and speaking engagements so feel free to get in touch if this is of interest to you.

Information | Resources & Support

We want to be a resource to you. Here you will find blog posts to inspire, motivate and educate you as well as links to other great resources. Future resources coming soon include our 60 Day Guided Devotional. We also would love to hear your questions or know if there are particular topics you want to hear more about so get in touch.