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Welcome to Legacy Road

Legacy Road is a movement that empowers people to live within their means, be in control of their money, live generous lives, invest to build a prosperous future, build strong healthy relationships and leave a generational legacy.


March 12, 2021

7 Steps to Making a Successful Money Plan

In our experience, people hear the word ‘budget’ and immediately cringe. Not because they don’t think it’s important but because thinking about what you can’t spend […]
November 13, 2020

Creating space in our mental health

Hey guys,  I am so excited to finally share with you the first episode of our Margins series, ‘Conversations on Creating Space’. The first instalment of […]
September 15, 2020

3 Ways to Support Those Around You Facing Financial Stress

I am reminded of the story in the Gospel of John where we see Jesus presented with a logistical problem of feeding 5000 plus people in a remote area. I love how Jesus responded to the people’s need rather than turning from it.